Application to 2020 NACTA Bachelor's Programs 2020年betway88必威招收来华留学生本科生招生简章


2020 National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts

Application Information for International Students (Bachelor’s Programs)



The National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts (NACTA) is an institution of higher education dedicated to cultivating talents in Xiqu (戏曲, Chinese theatre,also known as Chinese operas, including 348 opera forms evolved from different local cultures in China, such as Beijing opera and Kun-qu opera).

We offer a rich array of learning opportunities to international students who are interested in Chinese theatre. To share the arts with the world and to promote international communication and education, we encourage international students to apply to our 2020 NACTA Bachelor’s programs.


一、报名 Application

1. 招生类型及专业列表 Prospective Students and Major List


We provide full-time bachelor’s programs (4 years). Music Composition and Theories in Chinese Theatre program requires 5 years of study. Please see Major and Study Field List in Appendix I.

2. 报名资格 Eligibility for Application

  • 持有效护照、具有外国国籍的永久居民;当中国大陆(内地)、港澳台地区居民移民外国后作为外国留学生申请来华进入本科阶段学习时,根据教育部规定,申请人必须持有效外国护照或外国国籍证明文件4年(含)以上,且最近4年(截至入学年度的4月30日前)之内有在国外实际居住2年以上的记录(一年中实际在国外居住满9个月可按一年计算,以入境和出境签章为准);
  • 品德良好,遵纪守法,身体健康;
  • 具有与中国大陆高级中等教育学校同等毕业学历,或是已获学士及以上学位的人员;
  • 具有国家汉语水平考试(HSK)4级及以上水平;

   Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health condition and with valid passport; if applicants are immigrants to foreign countries from China (including the mainland of China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), please submit (i) a valid passport issued by foreign countries or foreign citizenship certification ( 4 or more years of having foreign nationality); and (ii) a record of residence (2 years and more) in foreign country in the latest 4 years (up to April 30 in the year of admission). The  beginning and ending dates of residence recorded should be in accordance with the entry and exit dates of visa issued by the foreign country where applicants take up residence. 9 or more months can be considered as equal as 1 year when applicant calculates his or her years of residence in foreign country.

Applicants should have non-criminal record both in China and abroad.

Applicants should have high school diploma, or bachelor's degree or above (master’s or doctoral degree).

Applicants should reach the level of Chinese proficiency test band 4 (HSK 4) or above.

3. 报名时间Application Date and Deadline


We accept applications between January 11-31, 2020 (Local time in Beijing).

4. 报名方式 How to Apply

报考人员需自行下载《betway88必威留学生本科生学习项目申请表》(申请表下载网址:。在报名截至日期前,将填好的申请表以及申请表中所要求的材料扫描件(pdf格式),发送至 。申请邮件经国际交流合作部确认后,请报考人按确认邮件说明缴纳报名费人民币800元/人(微信或支付宝支付)。报名费恕不退款。不按要求缴纳报名费者视同其报名无效。

Please download Application to B.A. at

Applicants should fill out the form and send it with the scanned copies of documentation required to by the deadline.

On receiving application emails, Office of International Exchange and Cooperation (OIEC) of NACTA will reply with a confirmation email which includes instruction on how to pay application fee (CNY 800, non-refundable) through Wechat Pay or Ali Pay. Failure to pay the fee by the deadline will lead to abandonment of application.


二、入学考试 Entrance Examinations


No on-campus exam is required for Literature and Writing in Chinese Theatre applicants. But application to this study field should be submitted in conjunction with a paper on traditional Chinese arts or culture (written in Chinese language, no less than 1000 characters). OIEC will contact applicants by email if more documentation are required.


No on-campus exam is required for International Cultural Communication or Cultural Industry Management applicants. But application to the above study fields  should be submitted in conjunction with an art or cultural campaign proposal (written in Chinese language, no less than 1000 characters).OIEC will contact applicants by email if more documentation are required.


No on-campus exam is required for Animation, Painting, Visual Communication Design or Digital Media Arts applicants. But application to the above study fields should be submitted in conjunction with three pieces of pencil sketch, fast sketch and watercolor painting. OIEC will contact applicants by email if more documentation are required.

其他专业均设有一到两场校内入学考试,考试地点在本院,时间安排见附件2。此外,各系部有关考试内容的说明,请于关注 页面上各系部于1月及2月初发布的通知。提示:该网站所有说明均为中文。

Admission to the rest study fields requires on-campus entrance examinations. Please see details in Appendix II.

Departments will publish their instructions on exams at intervals in January and early February at Please go up to the website for more information. All instructions there are in Chinese language.


三、录取 Admission


We evaluate applicants for freshman admission according to their application (and documentation, paper or works of art), on-campus examination marks and results of medical check-up. We will send admission email in the last week of July or the first week of August.


四、入学注册 Registration


Having received admission notices, new students should get registered on campus in the first week of September and have medical check-up in Beijing.


五、学习、保险及住宿费用 Tuition, Insurance and Accommodation Fees


Tuition:  CNY 35000/academic year

Insurance: CNY 800 - 2800 /year, please visit for more information.

International students are expected to live in the international student dormitory. We provide twin room ( CNY 1200/month) and twin room for one only ( CNY 2400/month) .


六、奖学金 Scholarship


We encourage international students to apply for foreign student scholarship funded by Beijing Municipal Government. The scholarship is for the purpose of supporting international students with good academic and ethical performance.Please visit for more information.


七、咨询方式 Contact us


地址:中国北京市丰台区万泉寺400号 邮编:100073

电 话: 86-10-63337505




Office of International Exchange and Cooperation (OIEC)

National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts

Address: No.400, Wanquansi Street, Fengtai District, Beijing, P.R.China

Tel: 86-10-63337505


For more application information:


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