This is a city called BEIJING.




This is NACTA who has won the fame as “The Cradle of Xiqu Talent”.



The National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts (NACTA) was established in 1950. The first president of NACTA was Mr. TIAN Han, one of the founders of contemporary Chinese Theatre and the writer of the lyrics of P.R.China’s national anthem. Now we have eight major study areas (departments) of Beijing opera (Jingju), Performing Arts (Xiqu), Directing, Music, Playwriting (Xiqu), Stage Design, New Meida Arts and International Cultural Communication, providing 14 majors (27 study orientations) in the BA programs, 3 first-level disciplines involving 20 majors in the academic MA programs, and 3 first-level disciplines involving 16 majors in the professional MA programs, with a number of more than 2500 current students ( 3% of them are international students enrolled in both long and short term programs) and about 430 faculty members and staff. We also engage scores of distinguished specialists, scholars and artists at home and abroad. Since 1950, we have cultivated more than 10,000 Xiqu artists who are active domestically and internationally in performance groups, Xiqu education, media and television industry, research, and theatrical commentary, and won the fame as "The Cradle of Xiqu Talent".

We has established healthy and collaborative relationships with tens of universities around the world, attracting thousands of educators and artists through programs such as student exchange, collaborative creation/performance, and academic workshops/conferences. In November 2009, we established the first Xiqu Confucius Institute around the globe with Binghamton University, New York. This institute has cultivated thousands of overseas students who love traditional Chinese culture and arts.

Following our motto, "Prospering in Morality and the Arts, Carrying Forward the Tradition", we are dedicated to building an artistic academy which has distinct Xiqu characteristics, top rate standards nationally, and a broad influence internationally.










Please download B.A. and  M.A programs list on the page of each department or  Annual Enrollment Guide for your reference.

We also provide non-degree study opportunities as follows:



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